Born Cantley, Yorkshire, England
Died Jamestown, James City, Virginia
Married in 1617 to Dame Anne Ramsden (1604-1622), Yorkshire, England
Anne Ramsden was born in Yorkshire, England and died in Jamestown, Virginia

Chancery Proceedings, Bills of Answers.
Charles 1.
Bundle c. 25. No. 49.
Childers versus Farrar

The Orator, William Childers of Bole Co. Nottingham who married Dame Anne Ramsden, relicit of Sir John Ramsden, Knight, complains of treatment received from Wm. Farrar of Eywood Co. York who married the Kinswoman of the said Dame. Property held by Lady Ramsden in Leaderhall St. Manor of Byeram, Manor of Saddleworth Co. York, Lands and premises in Huidersfield and Almondbury.

[From a Childers Family History]

NOTES FROM CHILDERS/CHILDRESS, JAMES RIVER VIKING CLAN RESEARCH TEAM, FEBRUARY 2013 http://freepages.misc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jpcfamily/index.htm

So, who was the very first Childers/Childress immigrant to the New World? Some researchers suggest "Abrah" or "Abraham" and his cousin/nephew/brother/son "Philemon" hold that honor. Others think otherwise. After some consideration, we've selected an individual named "William" Childers, born in Yorkshire, England in 1599, as the first American. He and at least some of his children made the voyage over to the New World to begin life anew. Quite obviously, William was preceded by scores of similarly named individuals, all of whom can trace their heritage back to the Vikings of Scandinavia - or, at least that is the conclusion we're led to by the promulgators of modern DNA science.

What we're attempting to do with this proposed family tree is to provide a bridge between the very earliest known Childers/Childress ancestor (this William of Yorkshire) and our contemporary Childress Y-DNA participants, of which this writer is a member. Much of this early Childers material is based on the writings of Alberta Marjory Dennstedt (who does not commence her "treatise" of the family tree with this Wiliam) who lived in San Diego, California. She recalled in a telephone conversation with this writer of her time in the county courthouse in Richmond, Virginia. She spent hundreds of hours doing original research in the courthouse files, looking for and deciphering very old documents such as land transactions, wills, indentures and the like in her attempt to piece together early Childress history.

We will endeavor to furnish references on these first several generations of Childers/Childress entries, but some are educated guesses, or pure speculation. Comments about the proposed family tree are welcomed and we will try to respond to any and all on a timely basis.

There are mistakes, no doubt, but this proposed early family tree represents the current best hope as a foundation on which subsequent family researchers may base their future endeavors.

THIS WILLIAM CHILDERS ENTRY and several more in ensuing generations, is based on several sources, including two reputable genealogists communicating back in 2006 and part of their correspondence is included below, reminding the reader of this material once again that this tree only serves AS A STARTING POINT, or as one of my college professors was fond of saying, "A starting point for further inquiry."

"Would it be your opinion that the first one we have record of, Abrah CHILDRES (1656 deed with Wm Harris) was actually the one who married JANE HOWARD or did he?

RESPONSE: Inasmuch as I have seen and nothing documented to the contrary, yes, I would say that this Abraham Childres/Childers son of William Childers, Immigrant BIRTH: 1599, Cantley, Yorkshire, England, DEATH: 1649, Jamestown, James City, Virginia Burial Jamestown, James City, VA and Dame Anne Ramsden Born: 1604 in Yorkshire, England * MARRIAGE: 1617, Yorkshire, England, did marry Jane Anne Howard.

If someone can prove this marriage incorrect and prove correctly, which female this Abraham married, then I would go with the proven marriage. For now I tend to believe this Abraham, son of William Childers, married Jane Anne Howard. Children of William Childers and Dame Anne Ramsden were:

1. Abraham CHILDERS I born 30 NOV 1622 in Nottinghamshire, England. Came to America in 1649. ABRAHAM was first seen in Henrico County in 1649 (about 27 years old). He bought land from William Harris. John Epps and Thomas Lygon witnessed the deed. ABRAHAM lived in Bermuda Hundred. Purchased a plantation at Curles, Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co, Virginia on 28 Feb 1656 (about 34 years old).
2. Thomas Childers born 09 MAR 1613/14
3. Richard Childers born 14 JUN 1616
4. Isabell Childers born 19 FEB 1617/18
5. Agnes Childers
6. Robert Childers born 03 APR 1620
7. William Childers born 08 SEP 1626 in Nottinghamshire, England

Molly Reigard, Childers/Childress Researcher (deceased) has a different Abraham marrying Jane Ann Howard. She shows Richard Childers as being the father of the Abraham that married Jane Ann Howard.

Richard (3) - Ralph (2) - Childers (1) Spouse w.w.

W.P.Richard CHILDERS of Hunslet England was bapt 9 May 1574, died 5 Oct 1619.

Had the following children:
Agnes (4) - bapt 27 Apr 1628
Thomas (4) - born 1603/4.
Richard (4) - born 14 Jun 1606, died 12 May 1647/8 (or burled 18 Jun 1630.
Isabell (4) - born 19 Feb 1608
Robert (4) - born 3 Apr 1611, died about 1665/70. Married Mary SEAMAN.
Abraham (4) - born 30 Nov 1613 England, went to America to Henric Co,Va on the James River. Married Ann HOWARD
William (4) - born 8 Sep 1616, buried 13 Apr 1621."


The reader is invited to post any comments (please keep them civil) regarding these first few generations and/or send me an e-mail at the address in the page header. We'll do my best to respond and incorporate these suggestions and ideas into a constantly evolving and hopefully more accurate presentation of the early Childers/Childress family tree.

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