William McCrystyn I
(B: 1512, Isle of Man; D: 1568, Isle of Man)

10th Great Grandfather of Albert Elam Christian


Deemster William McCrystyn held the office of Deemster. He held the office of Archdeacon between 1550 and 1568.

Family tradition has it that one of the daughters of Deemster William married an Abbot. This used to be quoted as a joke. The Abbot referred to was to have been an Abbot of Rushen, IoM. If this was really the case, Richard Glanville-Brown may have found the substantiation of it in a pedigree lately lent to him of the family Radcliffe of Knock-Aloe-Moar, who repeatedly intermarried with the Christians of Milntown. The pedigree states that Sir John Radcliffe, who was beheaded together with Sir William Stanley for rising in favour of Lambert Simnel 1497 -- left two sons, the second of whom, Thomas Radcliffe, was appointed Abbot of Rushen, through the influence of the Stanleys in 1532. He was party to the disolution of the monastery in 1537, accepting a quid pro quo in a lease or a grant of the property Knock-Aloe-Moar, near Peel in Patrick. After this statement follows the addition: "Like many of those who went out of religion, he married".