James Edwardnewman Christian
Born: 22 September 1861
Died: 16 September 1951
San Diego, Calfornia

James Edward [Edwardnewman] Christian and his wife, Julia Ann Childers Christian, started their married life on November 30,1889 by homesteading a quarter section of wilderness land on Pedro Creek in East Texas. With his ax, he chopped down trees and used the logs to build a one-room log cabin in the clearing. The cabin had a clay and dirt floor and a rock and mud fire place.With the aid of a sturdy team of oxen, “Buck” and “Baldy”,he cleared land on the homestead, raised crops and added a number of rooms to the log cabin. In 1906 he sold the homestead and bought a farm near the small sawmill town of Ratcliff, Texaswhere his son, Albert Elam Christian, was born on January 18, 1907. Nine years later his youngest daughter, Annie Ruth, was born making a total of four boys and three girls in his family. In 1918 the family moved to a farm just outside of Conroe, Texas.

Some years later his two daughters, Annie Ruth and Mildred and his son Albert Elam moved to San Diego, California. By 1930, when his wife Julia Ann died, James soon followed where he came to live in the Mission Beach area of San Diego, just across from the Belmont Park roller coaster and amusement center, and to this day the small one-bedroom house still stands, although it now sits behind a Jack-in-the-Box. His sons Charles and John remained the rest of their lives in Texas; his son Newman was quite an adventurer, having married several times and spent many years living in Alaska but eventually came to live in San Diego in his last years.

In his later years, James, after spending most of his days fishing in Mission Bay from his small rowboat, would sit in his chair chewing "snuff" and watching the traffic and life go by in this popular beach area. He was known to walk long distances, sometimes visiting his son Albert's family who lived across town, often taking a bag of peanuts for his grandchildren, Jim and Shirley, who called him "Pappy." He would visit for a short time and then turn around and walk all the way back to the beach area, some 10 miles away. He lived a long life, passing away at the age of 90.