[8th Great Grandfather of Albert Elam Christian)

Family tradition exists that the Childers family of America originated in Yorkshire, England. It is believed that the Childers family came to America about 1648, after Cromwell’s forces routed King Charles I.. The family came to escape execution following the execution of the King in 1649, as they were living in Yorkshire and were Loyal to the King. They were stripped of their property, or had it destroyed. Another story has it, that William Childers, took out a loan from his father-in-law to pay his father’s debts at his father’s death. Times were hard and after a year he lost it, so he came to America. At any rate, they came to Jamestown about 1648, and became tobacco planters on the James River.

The original Childers was Abraham Childers I. Abraham Childers I purchased a plantation at Curles, Bermuda Hundred, Henrico, Virginia from William Harris on 28 February 1656. Philemon Childers I was mentioned as living on Turkey Island, Henrico Virginia in 1679. It is believed that these two men were brothers.

A search made of Yorkshire, England records found a Chelders family living in the village of Hunslet. The christenings of members of this family were recorded in the Parish Register of St. Peter’s Paris, Leeds,Yorkshire England. It cannot be definitely proved that the Abraham Chelders and the Philemon Chelders of Hunslet, St. Peter’s Parish, Leeds, Yorkshire, England are identical to the Abraham Childers I and the Philemon Childers I of Henrico Virginia but they are of similar ages and family names. A castle still stands in York today. Records show that Hugh Childers, Sr. 1500-1571 married Maude, they had William Childress Sr. died 1646, married to Anne Webster. They had William Childres Jr. 1599-1649, married to Dame Anne Ramsden. Their son was Abraham Childers I 1622-1679, married Jane Anne Howard, daughter of John Howard.
On 10 February 1680, Abraham Childers II, son and heir of Abraham Childers I, sold to John Pleasants a tract of 548 acres of land on the banks of Four Mile Creek. Abraham Childers II (1650-1698) was married to Anne Pew (Pugh) daughter of Henry and Jane Womack Pew. He was believed to have brothers Philemon, William, Henry, and Phillip; and sister Sarah. They were believed to have been born in Henrico County, Virginia. Abraham Childers II married Anne Pew, circa 1675.From this marriage, they had the following children: Abraham Childers III, born 1677,Henry Childers, born 1678, Philimon Childers, born circa 1680, Robert Childers, born 1681, John Childers, born1683, Francis Childers, and Jane Childers born 1686. It is from this generation to the next two that the records are scarce or non-existing. Piecing together what we can, there are two guesses that the trackers of Childers have found.

FAMILY LEGEND (MEANING IT HASN’T BEEN PROVEN YET!): It is believed that John or Henry Childers or both of them married Elizabeth Mosby. They had sons Abraham, John, and Francis. Abraham married Susannah Goolsby, daughter of Thomas Goolsby. Abraham and Susannah had several sons Abraham, William, Mosby, and possibly others.

Abraham Childers and Jane Howard
It is believed that ABRAHAM CHILDERS was the father of Sarah Childers since the family names go down through Sarah and her husband Nicholas Perkins family. ABRAHAM CHILDERS and his family were Quakers.
Will of Nicholas Perkins Henrico County Feb Court 1712 lists as a
p. 11 (p. 226) Will of SARAH PERKINS presented by Abraham Perkins, her executor and proved by Edward Enroughty and Thomas Childers, a Quaker, Thomas Childers and Constant Perkins, security.
Information provided by Mrs. Pat Searight:

ABRAHAM CHILDERS was born 30 November 1613 in Nottinghamshire/Leeds, Yorkshire, England. He was a Planter. He married 1643 in Curles, Henrico County, Virginia JANE "ANNE" HOWARD who was born 162-22 Nottinghamshire, England. She was the daughter of John Howard. JANE died 1681 Henrico County. ABRAHAM died 15 October 1679 in Henrico County, Virginia.
ABRAHAM was first seen in Henrico County in 1649. He bought land from William Harris. John Epps and Thomas Lygon witnessed the deed. ABRAHAM lived in Bermuda Hundred. The name in England originally meant child-house or orphanage. The name is also Childres, Childrs or Childress.

Their children were:
Sarah Childers b 1644/49 in Henrico Conty, Virginia and died Jan 1721/22 in Henrico. She married 1664/70 in Henrico County Nicholas Perkins III. They lived on Four Mile Creek. They had 8 children.

William Childers b 1647 and d 1725 Henrico County, Virginia. He left a large estate in Henrico. His children were Burton, John who married Rachel Perkins, Robert, and Gracey. [There is a note saying he was too old when these children were born.]

Abraham Childers b 1 Apr 1655 in Curles, Henrico County, Virginia. He was a planter and a race starter. He served many times on the Grand Jury. He could read and write. In 1690 his father gave him property in Varina, near Richmond. He may have died in 1693. In 1675/76 in Henrico County, Virginia, he married Anne Pew daughter of Henry Pew and Jane Womack. Anne had a sister Jane who married John Price Sr. and Hugh Lygon. After Abraham died Anne married Mr. Adkins. Henry Pew purchased land from Matthew Agee. Henry died 1790/11 in Henrico County, Virginia. He owned land on Four Mile Creen on north side of James River. Abraham & Ann had children: Abraham b 1677 m (1) Elizabeth Cannon and (2) Lucy Thomas; Henry Childers b 1678 m Lucretia Jones; Robert Childres b 1685 m Catherine; Philemon Childers b 1682/7 m. Elizabeth Evans; John Childers b 1683/4 m Elizabeth; and Jane Childers b 1695 m. John Smith.

Philemon Childers b 1656 in Curles, Henrico County, Virginia was called Lemon. He was involved with Nicholas Perkins in land purchase. He was a planter and he died 10 Jan 1717 in Henrico. He married very young - in 1669 in Henrico Mary Evans daughter of Griffin Evans of Henrico County, Virginia who died 15 May 1681. They had a daughter who married James Horton Sr; Thomas who married Mary Holmes and Mary Milner; Abraham who married Hester Pledge, widow of John Cannon; Philemon Jr; and Mary who married her cousin Humphrey Smith. [A note says 1 source has his wife as Mary Howard, daughter of John Howard. Another note questions whether wife’s name was Hester or Ester - will of Abraham d 1720 clearly shows Hester.]

Phillip Childers b1649 Henrico Co, Virgin ia d Henrico Co, Virginia
Henry Childers

Abraham CHILDERS I 30 NOV 1622 in Nottinghamshire, England Came to America in 1649. ABRAHAM was first seen in Henrico
County in 1649. He bought land from William Harris. John Epps and Thomas Lygon witnessed the deed.
ABRAHAM lived in Bermuda Hundred. Purchased a plantation at Curles, Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co, Virginia on 28 Feb 1656.



Abraham CHILDERS I* RESIDENCE: England and Henrico Co. VA BIRTH: 30 Nov 1618, Nottinghamshire or Leeds, Yorkshire, England * DEATH: 15 Oct 16, 1679
Henrico Co. Virginia Father: William CHILDERS Sr. "the Immigrant"Mother: Anne RAMSDEN Family 1 : Jane "Anne" HOWARD* MARRIAGE:
ABT 1643, Nottinghamshire, England
1.William Childers 1647 d. Henrico 1725
2.Philip Childers BET 1650 Henrico Co, VA
3.Abraham Childers/ Il 02 DEC 1655 in Curles, Henrico Co, VA
d. DEC 1693 in Curles, Henrico C
o, VAWill dated November ............28,
1768 m.c1673, Henrico Co. Virginia Anne Pew
4.Sarah CHILDERS 1653 in Henrico Co, VA d.
1722 Henrico. m. Spouse: Nicholas N. PERKINS
n Childers c1654 in VA . d.4 Sep
1727 m. Lucretia
6.Philemon Childers, Sr c1655 in Henrico Co, VA d. 10
Jan 1716 VA m. Mary Evans (Wife)